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Monday, July 28, 2008

Tate Modern| Current Exhibitions | Cy Twombly

Tate Modern Current Exhibitions Cy Twombly

Alexander Calder jewelry exhibition---
bracelet, 1948 © calder foundation new york
calder jewelry exhibition
at: philidelphia museum of art, USA
from: july 12 to november 2, 2008

american artist alexander calder is known for creating the kinetic mobile. having being born into a family of artists it was a natural path to follow. he used various mediums for his work including sculpture, painting, carpets, jewelry and toys. public installations and sculptures is what he is most remembered by. the
'calder jewelry' exhibition displays a collection of metal jewelry that was created throughout his career.
many of the pieces featured were created to allow movement for the wearer following in his style of kinetic mobiles. view more: works at art basel 2008left: bracelet, 1935, right: necklace, 1945 © calder foundation new york
1 dear designboom reader,designboom in association with ALTEC LANSING and PLANTRONICS is pleased to announce the international design competition 'SOUND INNOVATION'. we are looking for new speakers and bluetooth headset designs. read more.
this august designboom will host a mart in sydney, australia as part of the city's international design festival 2008. the group exhibition of 30 internationaldesign professionals from around the world will take place at the powerhouse museum from august 14 – 17, 2008 - if you happen to be in town please stop-by! see the sydney mart 2008 preview
thank you for reading designboom,birgit
2 r e c e n t - d e s i g n b o o m - a r t i c l e s(in case you missed it)
weblog cut 'n' paste RELATED NEWS REVIEWS AND PREVIEWSfrom robotic sculptures by ann p smith to the sawed-off USB key to microsoft excel art to architecture from the expo zaragoza along with the mobile performance venue by various architects and transformed dumpsters plus much more...
interview jaime hayon describe an evolution in your work, from your first projects to the present has evolved very has always been experimental.I'm really happy about the fact that I'm always learning by doing things.
competition sound innovation in association with ALTEC LANSING and PLANTRONICS are looking for new speakers and headset designs. you are asked to submit your entry (entries) to the relevant category for a chance to win$5000 (USD) - more details below.
competition green earth and the DA (design association japan) have joined together,along with TOBU department store to organize: 'green earth'.we are looking for graphic artworks that raise awareness of theenvironmental issues affecting our delicate planet and provoke apositive change in the many things that are compromising our biosphere.
history still number one! - #1 foam hand by geral fauss 1978 former high school teacher, geral fauss came up withthe #1 foam hand, since then it has become a universal symbol for the phrase 'we're number one' and is among the most popular pieces of US sports merchandising.
contemporary iconic products icons have become an important part of our visual language, so much so that these digital computer icons are making their return into the real world. there are also a number of products out on the market which have been influenced by computer hardware. from the desk to the desktop and back again.
contemporary the now house now house project aims to turn a 60 year old post-war house into a near zero energy home, allowing it to produce almost as much energyas it uses. additionally, the project is much more than a redesign of singleresidence, but a system for replicating the idea across many homes.
contemporary a recent history of writing and drawingürg lehni and alex rich are two designers who are on the bleeding edge of the intersection of technology and graphic design. ‘a recent history of writing and drawing’ is the result of an ongoing collaboration between the two designers.
design-aerobics new 2008 courses new summer courses are now available- human needs course cycle: spiriuality; childhood -- materials course cycle: ceramics; textiles -is your life so busy that you wish you could squeeze in some quick exercises ? design-aerobics!only $69 for a course!
shop new 'my document' & 'my photo' cases's 'my document' laptop case and 'my photo' camera case are the latest additions to the designboom shop. the iconic fabric designs come with one random badge (arrow, hand or timer) made fromrubber and are available with both standard and express delivery.
shop new natural silk scarves of the silk scarves available from the designboom shop are producedby a tiny village of silk producers and weavers in north-east thailand.each scarf is hand made and dyed using natural raw materials such as leaves,fruits and resins. you can learn how the scarves are made, in our article'silk making in six easy steps'. - your purchase will contributeto supporting the community featured in our article. thank you.
shop new another f-ing t-shirt by kinwah tsang the success of his first t-shirt design,designboom has once again teamed-up with the younghong-kong-based artist kinwah tsang to bring you'another f-ing t-shirt'.- limited edition of 99 prints- white summer tee with 'navy' and 'teal' blue screen-print.- best quality 100% cotton, sweatshop free american apparel t-shirt.
shop new love your earth poster pack #3 edition of 50. pack #3 is only available from 16/06/2008 until 30/09/2008please note that this will be the last poster pack available!
shop new 'bloom' scented flower earring by designboom, based on an idea by jee toh peng sunapply your own daily fragrance to these disposablepaper flower earrings. each pack contains:1 silver earring + 30 x assorted colored paper flowers.
shop see all products souvenirst-shirtsbooks and posters
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many thanks to our sponsorDuPont, leading company in materials, technologies and solutions for theworldwide community of architects and designers, presents:- 'CORIAN® loves MISSONI' - iconic material for design and architecturemeets a global star of colour and style. An interior design project featuringDuPont™ Corian®, intepreted through the colourful design philosophy ofRosita and Luca Missoni.
After being shown in Milan, designs from "CORIAN® loves MISSONI" will be displayed in London at Boffi Chelsea showroom (sept. 13 to 21) and at DuPont stand at 100% Design (sept. 18 to 21).
click to know more about the event

3SOUND INNOVATIONdesignboom in association with ALTEC LANSING and PLANTRONICS are looking for new speakers and headset designs. participation is open to applicants from every country in the world, to professionals, students, and design-enthusiasts. free registration required.categoriesyou are asked to submit your entry (entries) to the relevant category:'ALTEC LANSING – Future Sound Speakers'ALTEC LANSING created the first cinema speakers in the 1920’s and have continued to innovate ever since; designing and manufacturing award winning ipod and mp3 speaker systems, PC speakers,home audio and headphones, blending art with science to stir the soul!we are looking for speaker designs that unleash and enhance your digital music lifestyle!entries should consider future styles / trends and usability.
'PLANTRONICS – Stylish Sound Headsets'PLANTRONICS have recently launched a tech-cessory headset (D925) that fuses technology and jewelry into a beautiful earpiece that looks as good as it sounds. you are invited to take this theme further and develop concept bluetooth headsets that are fashion forward and desirable to wear.prizesthe designers of 2 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards:- Future Sound Speakers category winning prize $5000 (USD)- Stylish Sound Headsets category winning prize $5000 (USD)registration deadlineapplication registration will start on july 10, 2008 and will be accepted through october 20, 2008.reigister here
4GREEN EARTHfollowing the success of last year's 'love your earth' competition,designboom and the DA design association japan have joined together,along with TOBU department store, japan to organize the internationaldesign competition: green earthparticipation is open to applicants from every country in the world,to professionals, students, and registration required.categoriesthe competition has two categories to which you can enter your work:
'green'create a graphic artwork that illustrates the environmental protection and how humans and nature could coexist in a greener world.
'earth'give the gift of a greener world at christmas. create a graphic artwork that will make this festive time of the year a moment to consider what we can do to help our planet's survival. you can use iconic christmas motifs in your design for example reindeers, trees, etc.prizesthe designers of the 5 winning entries will be granted with cash prize awards:
- 1st prize: ¥500,000 YEN- 2nd prize: ¥200,000 YEN- 3 x 3rd prize(s): ¥100,000 YEN (each)
as well as the cash prizes that will be given to winners,TOBU department store, japan will print a selection of the shortlisted entrieson their 'eco-bags' and for other promotional material. the eco-bags will bealso presented during the tokyo designer’s week 2008.registration deadlineapplication registration will be accepted from june 17 through august 26, 2008.reigister here
5DESIGNBOOM MART SYDNEY 2008 - PREVIEWBRING A DESIGN SOUVENIR BACK FROM SYDNEY!as part of the cultural program of the 12th internationaldesign festival sydney (8-24, august, 2008), designboomwill host a group exhibition of international designprofessionals from around the world.the designboom mart will take place at the city'spowerhouse museum from 14 -17 august, 2008.for the first time in australia, designboom will providean unprecedented opportunity to meet the youngavant-garde and become familiar with their work.visitors are able to buy designsouvenirs™and limited edition pieces directly from thedesigners themselves.see our online preview of the sydney mart

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