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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tribal Collections. Milene Rust.

Pierre Nachbaurart, Online Gallery.

Ritual Tankard with Male Ancestor Figure on HandleCentral Nias Island, SumatraWood19th centuryThis beautiful wooden tankard is a rare example of a ritual vessel used by the nobles of Nias for the ritual measurement of rice during religious ceremonies connected with harvest and ancestor worship. A figure of a seated male ancestor (adu zatua) wearing a gold crown and moustache cover is seen on the handle. The ‘Cubist’ treatment of the figure is typical of the art of Central Nias. Other examples of such tankards can be seen on page 309 of Nias, Tribal Treasures (1990) the catalog for an exhibition of Nias art and the Volkenkundig Museum Nusantara, Delft, Holland.Measurements: 16 cm high.

South African Ceramic Exhibition at the Caste of Good Hope.

Gold of Africa Barbier Meuler Museum. Cape Town.

Barakat Gallery.

Afghanistan-Pakistan Pendants.

Gilded silver and blue glass ear PENDANTS. They originate from the Islamic people of the Katawaz basin along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. Length: about 13,5cm. Date: 19th century. These pendants, being too heavy to be suspended from the ears, were worn from the hair and headdress adjacent to the ears. Posted by Michael Beste on "rugrabbit" (presented on Facebook)

History of Trade Beads. Ken Karner-link.
South African Beadwork -
Zulu Beer Pots -


New Jewellery Book - link.

New Designs. March 2012.

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