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Thursday, April 05, 2012

New Design, Bird of Paradise. April 2012.

The Fulani people call themselves Fulbe (Peul in French).They were
originally nomadic herders, traders and farming people living throughout
West Africa. Today the majority of fulani people live urban centers.
Experts believe that they originated from a region that occupied the
present day Northern Senegal. Over the centuries, they migrated with
their cattle to occupy vast areas in the Sahel and Savannah regions of
West Africa and evolved into many subgroups with a variety of
designations including Fulbe, Jelgove, Gurma, Gorgave, Fellata, Fula,
Fulakunda, Bororos, Wodaabe, Peul, Pulaar, Halpulaar, Liptaako,
Toucouleur, and Tukolor. Presently, they live in communities throughout
much of the West-Africa, from Senegal to Cameroon and as far east as
Sudan and Ethiopia.The fulani range covers an area larger than
continental United States and western Europe.