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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Maurizo Galante


From a young age, Maurizio Galante was exposed to the colors, textures and sights of his hometown in the Latium region of central Italy, which would later influence and distinguish him as one of the most original and talented designers of modern haute couture.Having studied design at the Costume Institute in Rome, Galante began creating his own designs, leading to his debut show in 1988. Since then, he has been garnering unadulterated praise for his clothes. Maurizio Galante's creations are infused with ancient dress patterns and techniques, mainly from the Orient. With each collection, he presents an exquisite mix of layered accordion pleats and sensual silhouettes, embroidered with 18th century lace, silk tulle, or swan feathers. To form these voluminous and rhythmic creations involves complex technique. Each individual piece takes up to 300 hours make. This methodology and love of his craft is presented in the seamless collection he has created exclusively for CoutureLab. The geometric silk shapes, detailed embroidery and intricate beadwork that form his dramatic pieces are all skillfully made by hand.